J-DEAL® Univeral Bluetooth Wireless

FM Modulator

J-DEAL® Univeral Bluetooth Wireless

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J-DEAL® Univeral Bluetooth Wireless Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter Modulator Radio Adapter Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit with Hands-Free Calling Music Control Mic – Latest Model

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  1. Car MP3 player with Bluetooth car kit, built-in FM Transmitter & MP3 decoding chip
  2. With Bluetooth A2DP streaming function.
  3. Flexible metal hose, suitable for all vehicles
  4. Play music from USB disk and TF Card, TF Card reader
  5. Works perfect for Apple , Samsung , HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Nokia & more smartphones, cell phones, tablets & MP3 players.
  6. You can also store your music (MP3 or WMA format) in a SD card, and insert into the FM transmitter and play music!
  7. Make and Receive Calls on your Phone Hands-Free while driving!
  8. Equipped with an enhanced voice detection microphone, it's easy to use your phone while driving.
  9. The hands-free technology allows the user to make and receive phone calls through their car speakers.
  10. If music is playing, it will slowly fade out to allow the user to clearly connect to any phone call.
  11. A remote control is included to make it easier to use the the FM transmitter from the palm of your hands
  12. Charge your MP3 Player, Android Smart Phone or iOS iPhone with the Innovative USB Quick Charging Port with extra USB Charging Port. Charge your MP3 Player or phone. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Car Kit Bluetooth FM Transmitter
  • 1 x User Manual

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